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Hi. I'm Penny. I love penguins, books, yarn, stationary, technology, and muddy trail running. Not necessarily in that order and not always every day.

On my main site I post weekly about one of my interests and Fridays feature photos of my cats Shadow (adopted 2009) and Buddy (adopted 2013) or of any kittens we're fostering.

Shorter and more varied postings occur here through the magic of scheduled posts.

The Key To Better Work? E-mail Less, Flow More →
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This Is What Tech’s Ugly Gender Problem Really Looks Like | Business | WIRED →
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What Happens When a School District Gives Teens Laptops →
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"Women with established businesses ranked their happiness nearly three times as high as women who are not entrepreneurs."
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Why Stress Sucks and How to Fix It →
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Elizabeth Green’s New York Times Magazine feature on math education in America is getting people talking. It’s currently the most emailed article on 

Read the article to find out why Americans stink at math, then check out Green’s new book Building a Better Teacher.

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